Girls Beyond the Wasteland is absolutely not the worst Anime of Winter 2016

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A rushed version of looking to do ''SHIROBAKO'' while using Visual Novels instead of Anime but just without the passion and dealings with the Visual Novel industry.... ohhhh costly.

Yeah... remember what LA said in the beginning of this assessment... ohh yes the idea happens, not only can be this Anime for nearly 8 episodes is actually unfocused, rushed as a result of fluffing around, thin character developments through the industry hardships, without any appreciation and showing people the Visual Novel industry and it is baffling that there are already an example of doing this correctly, it's makes it more painful when this Anime is literally an advertisement for any actual Visual Novel that's linked to this Anime and will be released soon... like LA said again... ohhh dear. Watch the Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu trailer in our another site.

LA will note it lets you do get better by episode 8 nonetheless seriously by you may already see your filler trainwreck, however no less than by episode 8 they get their focus back by providing us some character development from the lingering love triangle of Sayuki, Buntarou and one of Buntarou's my childhood friends Yuka Kobayakawa voiced just by ''Kana Hanazawa'', Yuka's character development to be a seiyuu gets a good focused screentime in addition to heck they even start to consider the Visual Novel business from picture to computer to compact disk... 8 episodes much too LAte.

LA knows LA is being rather harsh to this Anime and that is exactly merely because LA was rather anticipating the following Anime and has been immediately regretted it since it just fluffed all over and characters just arguing instead of looking at how the Visual Novel industry will work. LA's favourite character over the series was Teruha Andou voiced by ''Satomi Akesaka'', your well-rounded, sound yet edgy character who butted heads along with the producer of the Visual Novel Sayuki constantly throughout first 8 episodes producing petty melodrama and there's more LA sided with Teruha most of the time as she did at a minimum has some sembLAnce of sense (LA won't say my spouse the highest meaning high ground along with sometimes she ended up being wrong but leading her to be the "vilLAin" though she had the top of intentions and just leaving the situation to the silent treatment just by Sayuki and saying it was eventually ENTIRELY Teruha's fault is just stupid and ripe for petty melodrama).

The Animation accomplished by Barnum Studio in addition to Project No.9 has A lot of derpy Animation along with lower texture quality throughout the series and that seeped it inside it's character designs and backgrounds, let's just claim that on almost all FRONTS, the Animation was LAckluster which was coming from TWO Animation dojos... seriously what this hell?.

The ending at all cost did get better by way of the end of it and then to be perfectly honest, Sayuki's proposal by way of the final episode is something LA may have rather watched in comparison to the resulting outcome of this Anime, nonetheless the ending was wonderful, you just have to slog through the first 8 episodes just to get to it.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu for what it might have been, a look within the Visual Novel industry along with how it works, instead we have got characters arguing, useless fanservice, petty melodrama, cheap tier Animation, rushed pacing as a consequence of many episodes in which the characters fluff approximately and paper tiny character development which can... might have had large number of potential to be in the ranks of ''SHIROBAKO'', ''Sora ga Seiyuu'' and LA may also say this... ''SaeKano''. Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu is absolutely not the worst Anime of Winter 2016... but it's probably one of the many quickest and surprisingly disappointing Anime regarding who the winner for LA no less than.

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